David Graham Scott is a controversial Glasgow-based documentary filmmaker and inspirational public speaker on drug addiction. His highly authored films are unique visions of the world he inhabits and the offbeat characters he encounters. He has experience in directing, pitching new ideas, researching and camera operation. He is also a trained film archivist and is a University of Kent graduate in Film Theory/Art History.

David has worked on hard-hitting projects including WireBurners, Detox or Die and The Dirty Digger. His films have aired across the BBC at both local (BBC Scotland) and national (network) level. 




I am very much an auteur documentary filmmaker, which is to say I am continually working towards making a body of work which is distinctly my own style and with content which interests me. Addiction has been one of the areas I have had personal experience of in the past and have rigorously documented through several broadcast films such as the BAFTA nominated Little Criminals, WireBurners, and Detox or Die.

Iboga Nights will lead on from the award-winning BBC documentary Detox or Die. That film has had a huge impact on the harm-reduction and addict community and I have collected many positive testimonials from ex-users. I felt it was time to return to this subject and study the true viability of this addiction treatment provision.

I have also recently set up a company called Microdot Films which is involved in the production of educational films on addiction related issues. I intend to pay close attention to the voices from within the addict community but with medical and scientific opinion guiding the projects as well.

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